The Arthurian Cosmic Message by Ernesto Baron

"Dana is the Goddess of Knowledge, the Deity that guided the Thuatha on the battle front"

Ernesto Baron


In this magical book the author presents us with a theme of great interest and transcendence in history and especially for the peoples of Europe.

In many different times, much has already been said of the epic history of the Knightly Legends of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Merlin the Magician and the Knights of the Round Table. However until now no-one has dared to reveal with such decision and profundity the Arthurian Myth.

In this book the great investigator and writer Ernesto Baron, opens the doors of the mystery for us, recounting a story that is real yet at the same time is full of symbols, analogies, magic....that goes far beyond the myth or legend that we all know.

The legendary history of King Arthur Pendragon is linked to the Hyperborean traditions, to the Tuatha De Dannan and to the Celts....from times when good and evil were manifested as two antagonistic forces , passing through the centuries in times when the elements of nature were part of man and man was a part of nature, Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur from the sacred stone, that gave him the right to be king.

All of this magic and profound history was developed in ancient Britain , in the distant past when the Celtic Druids were still in contact with nature and its mysteries. These were times in which there emerged noble heroes and loyal knights, where the people were united by an everlasting faith and where the Holy Grail came to Camelot.

The many chapters of great interest gradually reveal that the true history and legendary characters represent a special work latent within us, to be realized .

We present this new edition, which has been carefully prepared down to the finest detail, with many full colour images and illustrations which with as well as having a profound theme and being an engaging read make this a book in which the author with masterly wisdom places the true characters of the Arthurian myth in a place which corresponds to them within the historical events that changed the course of history although history has not acknowledged it, thus initiating a new and transcendental epoch, the Arthurian Cycle.

A unique work of incalculable historic and true value .