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"Dana is the Goddess of Knowledge, the Deity that guided the Thuatha on the battle front"

Ernesto Barón

Number of pages: 304
In Colour
Second Edition: July 2008

The Legend of Arthur is shrouded with a halo of Terrestrial and Cosmic Mystery, a superior symbol. The veil of Mother Nature like the Lady of the Lake have not penetrated the psyche of those who do not know the keys of the serpent and the dragon.

Chapter 1

  • Heirs To The Hyperboreans
  • The Tuatha De Dannan: Extraordinary People

Chapter 2

  • Christianity In Britain
  • The Holy Alliance
  • The Unbreakable Pact

Chapter 3

  • The Light In Glastonbury
  • Glastonbury Of The Holy Grail
  • Joseph Of Arimathea In Glastonbury
  • Monserrat Of The Holy Grail

Chapter 4

  • The Science Of The Dragon
  • The Veins Of The Dragon
  • More About The Science Of The Geon
  • The Wings Of The Dragon

Chapter 5

  • The Arthurian Myth
  • A Name For The Stars
  • A Real And Symbolic Life
  • Arthur Pendragon
  • Queen Guinevere

Chapter 6

  • The Round Table
  • The Knights Of The Round Table
  • The Sword And The Stone Of The King
  • Merlin,The Guru Magician

Chapter 7

  • The Mysterious Castle Of Camelot
  • The Holy Grail In Camelot
  • The Final Integration