Ernesto Baron

"Dana is the Goddess of Knowledge, the Deity that guided the Thuatha on the battle front"

Ernesto Barón


"It was thanks only to the Holy Alliance that King Arthur Pendragon was able to receive the secrets of his ancestors from his Guru Merlin and in so doing he encouraged Celtic-Christianity all over Britain and Gaul."

" Clearly the Holy Alliance has been a source of inspiration for the unbreakable union which existed between the Knights of the Holy Grail from the White Castle and the Knights of the Round Table from the Castle of Camelot. "

"At the beginning of the Middle Ages they followed and spread the knowledge of pure faith. They were the source from which arose new orders of noble knights: The Ophites. The Templars, the Cathars, the Valentians,etc."

" Vercia the great Druidess Initiate, who arrived from Gaul at only seventeen years of age was a great priestess of the solar fire. She knew perfectly the secret magic of nature, of which the druids were experts, in other words she was very well prepared for the mission that the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ, was going to give her. "

" Glastonbury is that wonderful town, an extraordinary place of incalculable age, to which Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail of Christ. At its centre and shaped like a pyramid, can be found Glastonbury Tor. Ancient Druids asserted that magnetic currents flowed through it , “called the veins of the dragon" "

" In Celtic-Breton literature, Pen-Dragon means Super-chieftain, that is to say, he who has dominated and fused with the Supreme Dragon."

" The Dragon is the custodian of countless invaluable objects: gold, gems, diamonds and all kinds of precious stones. Throughout its life it keeps an attentive watch over the fabulous hidden treasure."

" In order to conquer all the values, gifts, virtues, the magnificent hidden treasures that exist inside ourselves, we need to eliminate from our interior the dragon of darkness."

" This wonderful journey organized by the supreme Demiurge of the Universe, is like a gigantic stellar serpent that snakes around the twelve constellations, forming an extraordinary orbit which after a long cycle well known to the astronomers of all times, completes a full cycle."

" The historian Geoffrey of Monmouth describes Arthur in his writings, as a pagan warrior and a romantic hero."

" In his “History of the Kings of Britain”, written around 1160, he states that King Arthur lived in the 6th Century, in the days when the Saxon invaders were harassing the British Celts. These were hard times for Britain, the Romans had abandoned their garrisons in the 5th Century and the island remained practically defenceless."

" Arthur is called the “Once and Future King” and it is said that he sleeps in a hidden place from whence he will rise again in order to lead his people. So it is written in the tales and the songs of the bards and British verses throughout the centuries."

" "If we observe the constellations of the northern hemisphere and study a sky chart, we will see that Bootes-Arthur is at the centre, between the Serpent and the Dragon."

" King Arthur’s life as a sublime representation of Atman-Chesed is wonderful. He connects us with the Being, the Christic Logos, he is the Pontifex, the maker of bridges, the force and power transmitted to us by the light of Mars."

" As Arthur’s guide, the Magician Merlin, once said, these were the times of man and his efforts. These were times and centuries of uncertain future, where sagacity, shrewdness and magic were combined with faith and religiosity. These were decades in which noble heroes and loyal knights came to the fore, such as the Knights of the Round Table created by Arthur himself. "

" As a blend of religiosity and militia, the kingdom of Arthur Pendragon, his wife Guinevere, the Magician Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table passed by, in order to balance the poles, to avoid any incursion from outsiders to this knowledge but principally to avoid atheism and the degeneration which have always occurred throughout the centuries."

" All the history of the Holy Grail, the Knights of the Round Table, the Magician Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot of the Lake and Excalibur was actually formed by authentic and symbolic facts that we must live internally. This entire drama which took place fifteen centuries ago is a message for humanity; an open living book of the past and present concerning processes of Alchemy, Esotericism and Symbolism which are known to perfection by the sciences of Self-knowledge."